MAME: where Spelunx is in color

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The Internet Archive may use a less-capable Mac emulator, but you don’t have to. Here’s how to use their HyperCard stacks on MAME:

Initial setup
Download the HyperCard startup image from this page. Click “Download ISO Image” to get HyperCardBootSystem7.img.
Run MAME maciicx with RAM size set to 8 MB, the “image” card in slot B, a System 7.1 or later boot disk as “hard1”, and IA’s HyperCard Boot disk as “disk”. From the command line that looks like this:
mame64 maciicx -ramsize 8M -nbb image -hard1 mac755.chd -disk HyperCardBootSystem7.img
When it comes up, drag the HyperCard folder from the BootSystem7 disk to your startup disk and shut down cleanly. (Before shutting down you may wish to go to the Monitors control panel and enable color if you haven’t already; 256 colors is good for HyperCard without slowing things down.
Running a Stack
See a stack you like? Click the stack page’s “Download ISO Image”; this will give you a .img file. Run as you did before, but this time select the stack you want to run as “disk”.
mame64 maciicx -ramsize 8M -nbb image -hard1 mac755.chd -disk disk.img
Double-click the stack and HyperCard should auto-launch.