Thanks, Jason!

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For this lovely promotion of our Apple II and /// work. (We’ve done some things with the Mac, too, and someday Lisa will fall).
One thing we’d like to get out to folks at K-Fest: to emulate a card we need a copy (“dump”) of the ROM(s) data plus any relevant software. A photo or flatbed scan of the card with enough megapixels to read the chip labels is quite helpful as well. The Apple II Documentation Project (currently overseen by Antoine Vignau) has been amazing for this stuff, but there’s much they don’t have yet.
For HDD cards, the utilities disk that formats the drive is critical; I’m fairly certain our “Zip IDE” card emulation works fine, but the Apple II Documentation Project only had the ROM image, not any utilities disks, so we can only do limited testing.
Qkumba and I are still slowly working on the PC Transporter card so you can achieve emu-ception as well