Video Killed the Radio Star

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In addition to a lot of “behind the scenes” work on the PowerPC core which will hopefully give me some things to show later (Pippin, perhaps?), 0.147 contains some fixes for some long-time ES5503 bugs that have gnawed at me a bit. Resolving them has made Apple IIgs software sound even better, and rather than just post MP3s here’s some videos.
For those unfamiliar, Ryan Ridges and John Lund did 3 amazing Taito ports for the Apple IIgs. Here’s their swan song, and it’s a beauty, with demoscene inspired elements, original music, and a title screen that evokes the great 8-bit game boxes that made you go “WTF?!”

The ES5503 was most famous in Ensoniq’s early hit synthesizers and samplers like the Mirage and ESQ-1. Mark Cecys wrote an alternate OS for the Mirage called MASOS which gave it capabilities far beyond the factory software, and then he brought the power of MASOS to an API called MIDISynth and an application called synthLAB, which shipped with late versions of the IIgs System Software. Here’s synthLAB playing it’s demo tune, which sounded terribly out of tune in past versions of MESS and is now correct.