Now your penguin is a man

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A quick 40 minute hack brings together, at last, the Manly 2SF Archive and Linux. Yes, you can now play 2SF rips on Linux in brilliant stereo. Due to the GPL license on Desume I can’t integrate this in AO or AOSDK and therefore the user experience is somewhere between “bare” and “sucks”, but it does work and it does sound great on both x86 and x64. Big-endian guys are on your own - there’s support in the Desume core for BE, but I’m sure that issues exist in the actual 2SF processing code.

- Songs in zip archives are NOT supported
- You must have the 2sf/mini2sf and any necessary library files in the current directory
- No tags are shown
- You must press CTRL-C to stop the program

But hey, it plays a rip format with an age measured in weeks on Linux! :-) Feel free to improve this if you like - I’ll be happy to collect and distribute patches. The license is GPLv2 (oss.c is BSD, but that’s GPL compatible).